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Sherwood Financial also provides Accountant level services offering businesses insight into the "big picture". We review the work of the day-to-day bookkeeper, recommending improvements in the use and setup of QuickBooks as well as providing solutions to the businesses pain point(s).

We provide solutions to streamline processes and procedures with the goal of simplifying your bookkeeping in order to create meaningful and accurate reports in a timely manner. We help businesses interpret historical data in order to provide direction for future growth. Let us help you effectively manage:           


Cash: Online banking options, Debit Card entry, Point of Sale transactions, Bank and Credit Card reconciliations

Accounts Receivable: Invoicing, or billing, collections and credit management

 Inventory: Control, management, tracking, physical, perpetual, costing

Accounts Payable: Bills, Credits, Employee and Owner reimbursements, when to enter as an expense, or to use an item, Bill pay options, and processing payments, or issuing checks