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CFO Services


As your Company's CFO Sherwood Financial can provide contract services on an as needed basis for the following:


1)   Provide key strategies based on historical financial information and future projections

 2)   Work with management to prepare budgets, sales forecasts, and cash flow projections

3)   Perform financial analysis comparing key performance indicators of the company

 4)   Provide benchmarks against industry standards

5)   Prepare financial packages and liaison services for banks or private investors in order to obtain financing for operational expenses, capital purchases, or expansion

 6)   Interpret and monitor key financial ratios and other financial considerations as required by bank covenants

7)   Develop action plans, implement and monitor their progress, through process improvement, the implementation of technology, and advanced financial analyses such as "what-if" scenarios

8)   Train and develop internal staff for maximum performance, satisfaction and retention